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Engagement rings & wedding bands:

To all at Lucie Campbell
I would like to thank everyone involved in my recent purchase of an engagement ring, I have been away with work recently and saw it for the first time yesterday, and its absolutely stunning!! I really can’t wait to give it to my girlfriend Emily and I know she will love it.
I would especially like to thank Darren and Rebecca for taking the time when I came into the shop to explain everything I needed to know about engagement rings, for me this was one of the big reasons for going with you guys (and obviously I really like the style of ring!)
I literally didn’t know anything about diamonds until I came into your shop, but I have got to admit I get it out of the box at least twice a day just to see it sparkle!! (Sad I know, but I am really pleased with it!)
Anyway, Thanks again, J

So the final ring, in case anyone is interested, is a single Asscher cut diamond. They’re not a popular cut and they’re not amazingly common as they have an understated sparkle, but they are beautiful. We went to the wonderful Lucie Campbell on New Bond Street, London, who I really can’t praise enough for all of their expertise, patience and general help. And we’ve already got the ring so I’m not saying that to get a discount, they really were great – they look and sound posh and, while we were there, someone was buying a pair of earrings and he didn’t flinch as he was told they cost 17k. I flinched and it wasn’t me buying them. Fortunately, these guys are just as lovely to people like me with a budget and we found you actually get a better level of care and craftsmanship as they source the best stone for your spec and budget. In hindsight, if I’d gone with these guys before I proposed I have no doubt I’d have made it through unstressed. So another one of Dan’s Tips: Speak to Lucie Campbell.

I just wanted to come on here and say a few words about Lucie Campbell. We bought both my engagement ring and wedding band there and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for beautiful, quality jewellery with amazing detail. It is a family run shop and everyone there is lovely and helpful. Even now, two years after my engagement, they still remember me, which to me says a lot about how much they value their customers. When I go in to the shop, which I do whenever I’m in the area (I can’t help myself, I’m like a kid in a candy store!!), they will polish my rings for free, without me even asking. I only wish I had an endless supply of money, I would be in there all of the time, because their jewellery is absolutely stunning. So if you’re looking for that special engagement ring or an anniversary present, check out Lucie Campbell, it really is one of the best jewellery shops around.

Also see the photostory from Philippa and James' wedding here. Lucie Campbell was proud to have made their engagement ring.


Dear Richard,
Firstly, Happy New Year to you.
Secondly, many thanks indeed to you and your team with regard to sourcing Amanda's birthday present at such short notice. You really pulled out the stops, got me out of a hole and nothing was too much trouble. I can assure you that the pendant looks fantastic, it brought tears to her eyes and I am firmly in her good books (for the time being at least)!
Once again, many thanks.

We checked the package – the necklace looks beautiful, and all is in good order. Thanks very much for getting it to us so quickly!
Our four daughters each have one of your wonderful crosses – this is a replacement for one misplaced by our youngest (normally extremely responsible) daughter, who could not find hers after returning from an outing.
Best regards,


Richard, I received the earrings this morning. I like to buy things to wear every day and the earrings are perfect for this.
I discovered your store by chance on a recent (short) visit to London. In the past I have bought from the big brands but I would prefer to buy from a smaller-scale maker like Lucie Campbell. The jewellery is beautiful. I loved being in the store and hope to visit again soon.
Thank you for the good service.

Lucie Campbell jewellery:

I love the pieces of jewellery that my husband and parents have bought for me over the last few years from Lucie Campbell's.
I have a real fondness for Lucie Campbell's so much so that when I am in London particularly over the Christmas New Year period I pop in and have a sherry which is always very nice.
Both Richard and Darren are very charming , warm, friendly, attentive, professional and patient in their manner.
Every time I look in the windows I see something that appeals to me. Lucie Campbell’s is truly one of my favourite jewellers.
RP Bexhill on Sea

Lucie Campbell’s reassuringly small shop, although that’s not the right word, is the only jeweller in Bond Street that I ever dare to venture into. There I find a warm welcome and more often or not the right gift for my wife; I am unfailingly handled with courtesy and charm, even when not purchasing. But don’t tell everyone!

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