Monday, 16 January 2012

The Act of Giving

Lucie Campbell Box of Smiles
Well this my first blog! So might as well tell you something interesting and topical.

I received the below email from a client this morning:

Dear Richard,
Firstly, Happy New Year to you.
Secondly, many thanks indeed to you and your team with regard to sourcing Amanda's birthday present at such short notice. You really pulled out the stops, got me out of a hole and nothing was too much trouble. I can assure you that the pendent looks fantastic, it brought tears to her eyes and I am firmly in her good books (for the time being at least)!
Once again, many thanks.
Kind regards…

And it got me thinking about the act of giving and all that it entails and the reactions it provokes.

Isn’t wonderful that in this day and age that we can still bring joy and happiness through the simple act of giving. The act of giving transcends the object or the gesture. It is really the thought which makes it so valuable. The time and effort of picking that just right item is really what it is about, not the cost.
              So lets all try and give something to someone today!

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