Sunday, 26 February 2012

Discovery of the 12.76 carat Argyle Pink Jubilee diamond

This week a 12.76 carat pink diamond - the biggest ever found in Australia - was discovered at the Argyle mine in Kimberley. It has been named the Argyle Pink Jubilee and looks set to sell for £7 million or more this year. If your budget does not run to the Argyle Pink Jubilee, take a look at some of our own Exceptional Stones Collection, a few of which are featured below: 

Platinum diamond ring with 24.36 carat Burmese baguette Sapphire
90.45 carat cabochon star Sapphire platinum diamond ring

Platinum cluster ring with 12.93 carat brilliant Diamond

More Exceptional Stones Collection from Lucie Campbell

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