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The Jeweller magazine: Lucie Campbell's take on the wedding & engagement ring market

The Jeweller's Editor, Belinda Morris, swapped notes with Richard last month on the state of the wedding jewellery market. Here's the full exchange, quotes from which are in the March issue of The Jeweller:

Belinda: Is the interest in wedding bands & engagement rings as strong as it ever was among jewellery retailers and consumers?
Richard: Definitely! Engagements and weddings are such pivotal events in a couple’s life together they need and want to mark them with a beautiful engagement ring and suitable wedding bands.

Belinda: Has the price of precious metals had any particularly bearing on either your designs or sales?
Richard: The price of precious metals has not had any bearing on our designs since we tend to design the item to be as beautiful as possible and very much worry about the cost later. I know it may sound strange, but, although clients are price conscious, for a once in a lifetime purchase they will buy the rings they love.
Lucie Campbell engagement rings

Belinda: Is the main interest still in white metals or is there increasing interest in yellow and/or rose gold?
Richard: The main interest is still in Platinum but with an increasing interest in Pink and Yellow gold. Pink Gold is particularly suitable for paler complexions and is proving to be very well received.

Belinda: Is there increased demand for men's wedding rings and if so do these tend to be quite classic and plain or are they getting more adventurous?
Richard:We have found the demand for men’s wedding rings to be constant, the styles chosen are quite classic.

Belinda: Do diamonds still rule as far as engagement rings are concerned? What coloured stones are most popular?
Richard: Diamonds still rule but different cuts such as cushions are increasingly popular! Coloured stones, especially sapphires have become much more popular, but this trend has not followed through as strongly as last summer.

Lucie Campbell wedding bands

Belinda: Are commitment and eternity rings increasing in popularity?
Richard: Eternity rings and what some people call “push present” rings are very much in demand. Budget permitting this is on every couples wish list soon after the birth of their first child. Jewellery is a wonderful way to mark significant and joyful events in one’s life as a couple and a family!

Belinda: Are matching/interlocking wedding bands/engagement rings becoming more popular? is this something that you offer?
Richard: Many couples want matching wedding bands, but accept that a truly matching band may not suit both the bride and groom, so most couples settle on matching styles or metals or finish. Interlocking wedding bands and engagement rings is not something we offer and we have not been asked for them. Most brides want a wedding band which matches and complements their engagement ring perfectly, and this is our goal.

Belinda: Do you anticipate that the economic downturn will see sales of wedding rings drop or do you think that couples getting married will always want to buy the best that they can and just save up?
Richard: Yes, as I mentioned this is such an important purchase/event that most couples will adjust other expenditure rather than compromise on their wedding bands.

Belinda: Any final thoughts?
Richard: Yes, engagement and wedding rings are such important objects and symbols that their significance is not about their size or value but the love and care with which they are exchanged.

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