Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Lucie Campbell brooches in Country Life

Country Life's selection of 'stylish accessories for the girl with the Cartier watch'
Many thanks to Country Life magazine for featuring Lucie Campbell in their latest issue.

Two of the three pieces featured are so new they're not yet on the website. If you would like to find out more about the Diamond butterfly brooch (top left, £28,000) or the Flower spray brooch (top right, £34,000) please email
The 18ct yellow-gold canary and white diamond bow brooch (centre of picture, £27,950) is on the website.

The butterfly and flower spray brooches can be worn separately but is actually one intricately composed piece of jewellery. When worn together as one piece the effect is tremendous for such delicately wrought diamond jewels. We would urge you to come into the shop and see how beautifully this clever piece works.

We are so pleased that fashion has lately caught up with diamond & gemstone  brooches. Brooches offer jeweller and wearer some latitude, they are a perfect subtle vehicle for expressing your personality and wit. A signature animal - a cat, a bee, a butterfly - might be transmuted into an exquisite jewel or there is real theatre in spectacular diamond set flower sprays with removable butterflies, trembling diamond feathers and beautiful diamond set bows.

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